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Level Up!

Type of project: ict Status: during
Organizator: Projekt Tarnów , Germany from 01.12.2017 to 31.01.2019

The „Level up” project is a response to the needs of non-governmental organizations implementing international projects funded both by Erasmus plus and other sources that need professionalism and new innovative work tools and transfer of experience and good practice from abroad.

The aim of the project is to develop innovative tools – reusable, further modified and adapted to suit the needs that will allow both projects to be more efficiently planned and implemented at the same level as the organization itself and the project manager, but also the youth trainers and the participants themselves. The aim of the project is also to build a network of partnerships between youth organizations and youth organizations in Poland, the United Kingdom and Italy, which will enable the transition to „higher level” in international activities; As well as the acquisition of new competences and skills by the individuals involved in the project.

The project will be attended by NGO members, experts and trainers from three countries – from Poland, Italy and the UK in the number of 30 people.

The project envisages the following actions:
1. Project meeting of representatives of partner organizations
2. Creating an innovative Internet platform addressed to NGOs and other entities implementing and preparing an international project, enabling:
– exchange of information, good practices and experiences between organizations from different countries.
– participatory project management through contact with project participants, exchange of information between organizations
– establishing partnerships between organizations preparing new projects
– consulting ideas, ideas for new ventures, design consultations
– Open access to training materials and didactic materials created by project developers, but also organizations that would like to disseminate through it the results of their work.
– project evaluations and other joint actions (through the ability to create questionnaires and questionnaires for specific user groups)
– To diagnose the needs of the project participants, as well as to collect opinions and comments from the people participating in the projects
– search for experts, trainers (creating an online base of trainers and youth experts)
– creating informal youth groups for later work on projects (social function)
– the platform will have a rich database of contacts, logically organized according to different criteria, which will provide easy and quick access to the most important information.
3. Organization of an information seminar in Italy, where participants will exchange good practices and experiences in the implementation of interesting workshops and educational methods supporting the development of soft skills, which will then be collected and posted on the Non-Governmental Platform. During the seminar participants will also identify challenges for NGOs in implementing projects using IT tools.
4. Organization of training on the use of the NGO Platform in preparation and implementation of international projects and the exchange of good practices.
5. Organization of a transnational conference promoting the use of PWP, promoting the use of modern technologies in the process of non-formal education.

We looking for partners! If you are interested, please contact with main organizator, Project Tarnów.

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Otherside – Associazione Di Promozione Sociale
Uk Butterflies LTD
Projekt Tarnów