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Common Europe built on faith [COMPLETED]
International Youth Exchange "Common Europe built on faith" is a project prepared by a group of young people from several European Union countries, whose aim is to increase civic engagement and pro-European attitudes among young people, as well as to remind about common values that underpin European and Christian integration roots of Europe.

EU Youth Online [COMPLETED]
Project "EU Youth Online" was started to satisfy need of purchasing communication and information skills by EU citizens. This is a kind of response to young people to sudden technological growth. The reality of the 21st century is demanding - young people are perfect in digital reality - but this is not always in line with reality. Information and communication technologies should primarily be used to improve the quality of life, improve everyday life and acquire knowledge. The number of unproductive hours is increasing. It is new problem which is the addiction on technology and smartphones. How to use information and communication technologies in a smart and right way? Young people want to get the answer to this question. The main goal of the project is to develop information and communication technologies skills increasing awareness of information and communication technologies and stopping increasing addiction on technology and the Internet. Other goals that will be achieved through project activities: - integration of people involved in the project, - promoting active participation in social life by showing the positive effects of freeing oneself from addictions and leading a conscious lifestyle, - social inclusion of people addicted to technology and the Internet, - raising the level of language skills groups, - promotion of the culture and traditions of Poland, Italy, Hungary and Spain. The project will be attended by 40 young people from Poland, Italy, Hungary and Spain in the age 20-27 . It is a group with diverse knowledge and skills in the field of information and communication technoligies. The project is a youth exchange lasting 10 days. Young people will participate in a series of interactive activities conducted through non-formal education methods. The project will end with a meeting with students from the local school prepared by our participants. During the meeting, they will use materials that they will prepare before. The methods of non-formal education used during the project: - Oxford debate, - fishbowl debate, - interactive city game, - creating a promotional campaign - energizers, - activation games and integration, - games that motivates participants to actively participate in the project. The results and project activities will have a wide range. The direct beneficiaries will be the young people taking part in the project – participants. Another beneficiary will be organizations that are project partners and applicant organization. The project will also affect the local community. Promotional materials created by the participants will be graphically prepared by our volunteers and then sent to partner organizations. It could be used in their daily work, so conclusions and results developed during the project will take on a long-term character.

Don't be scared to act - REACT [COMPLETED]
The main topic of the project "Don't be scared to act - REACT!" is active citizenship and ability to use rights of citizens of European Union in proper way. Both members of Projekt Tarnów assocition and project partners wish to create highly developed society of EU citizens whose members are aware of their rights and are not afraid to use it. The organizers of the project believe that work "at the bottom" can bring us closer to this goal. This is why the project is aimed at youth workers - youth trainers, young teachers or young local leaders. The aim of the project is to acquire civil competences by a group of people involved in the project and to exert influence on local communities and people from smal towns and villages through project participants (promotional materials prepared by the participants will be receive after the project). Citizenship competencies are considered to be one of the most important lifelong capabilities.Their acquisition is part of the preparation for full participation in civil life based on knowledge of social and political concepts and structures and a sense of active and democratic participation. Citizenship competencies are considered to be one of the most important lifelong skills.Their acquisition is part of the preparation for full participation in civic life based on knowledge of social and political concepts and structures and a sense of active and democratic participation. The project "Do not be scared to act - REACT!" was created to broaden the civic competences in the context of the European Union among the participants, and to induce them to influence their immediate surroundings. Participants of the project are 30 young people from Italy, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland in the age 24-30 years old. They are acive on local areas and have a high level of authority and influence on the local community which will allow them to spread knowledge and skills acquired during the training. The project lasts 8 days during which young people will take part in a series of workshops on the rights of EU citizens. Then participants will create a "European Citizen's Guidebook" in which they will explain how to use the rights of an EU citizen in practice. Young people participating in the training will also design the t-shirts encouraging to intrest in active citizenship. The materials will be printed, split between the participants and made available to them.

PL - UK | Two homelands - one spirit [COMPLETED]
Youth Exchange focused on cultural exchange between youth from Poland and Ukraine. Participants were sharing their knowledge about common traditions, culture, customs and food. During the project they made a little posters exhibition in one of Tarnow art spaces as well as few movies with culinary recepies.


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